Jamahl Richters

June 6 was the festive rainy unveiling of 2 beautiful works of art in Brasapark. Created on behalf of the district under the direction of CBK Zuidoost. Both sculptures are about the connection with each other and nature.

This artwork is by artist Jamahl Richters. The sculpture is called Atomos. It consists of round rings in bright colors and represents a human being with a child on his shoulders. The bottom forms the Greek letter omega. This symbolizes the eternal connection of everything to everything, the entire universe and the smallest atoms.

Jamahl Richters says, “The sculpture is a kind of brasa. And a brasa is more than a hug. It releases emotions that remind you of your human nature. We desperately need brasas in this age of technology, where we are all “connected” through our screens, but not necessarily connected as flesh-and-blood people.’

Text: Municipality of Amsterdam