The Sky-Earth Observatory

Mark Bain

Cure Park was an initiative that in 2017 used the Amsterdamse Bos, with the Bostheater as its center, as the backdrop for a series of interventions. Many of these interventions were temporary in nature, but the The Sky-Earth Observatory by American artist is Mark Bain is a remnant of this. Cure Park grew out of Cure Master, a two-year master’s program (2014 to 2016) at the Sandberg Institute. At the invitation of the Sandberg Institute, Martijn Engelbregt (Circus Engelbregt) and Theo Tegelaers (TAAK) jointly developed a program exploring what it means to be healthy or sick. This was done using the themes of pain, environment, death, nutrition, body and faith. In this way, researchers, students, artists and guest lecturers worked toward a public manifestation in public space.

Mark Bain’s artwork was adapted so that it could be given a permanent home in the Amsterdamse Bos. By taking a seat on the artwork, visitors can “stimulate their bodies and minds and experience the environment of the Forest on different levels. The installation converts the noise of overflying aircraft into vibrations that create a physical therapeutic experience. According to Bain, the body can work like an ear. Sound can travel through the body in the form of vibrations and provide energy to parts of the body that need it.

Image: Marloes Heineke