De Muur (The Wall)

Alfred Eikelenboom

On the Meeuwenlaan, there is a red wall on a wide lawn, a wall with holes in it that reminds me of a huge, red biscuit. A masterpiece according to maker and artist Alfred Eikelenboom; a beautiful work of art in my opinion.

The occasion for De Muur was once the symbolic separation between old and new: the old Vogelbuurt neighbourhood on the one side of the Meeuwenlaan and the new residential area on the IJ designed by architect Rem Koolhaas on the other, in between them that bright red, 5 x 15-m wall. Today, the new neighbourhood is old as well, even threatened by demolition and urban renewal. The work of art is derelict and in danger of collapsing. But despite the overdue maintenance, the wall still stands proudly, and to me it remains a surprising and iconic piece of Amsterdam-Noord.

– Selby Gildemacher