Stadscuratorium provides expertise on a wide range of issues. From project developer, official or mediator to artist or local resident: the Stadscuratorium is open to a wide variety of questions concerning art in the public space. Through its advice, the Stadscuratorium encourages the exploration of new forms of art and the commissioning of projects in the public space. It is also possible to consult the Stadscuratorium in the initiative stage or about the formulation of commissions for art projects in the public space.

Pendulum, Gijs Assmann
Gijs Assmann, Pendulum (2020)

Initiators can consult the Handleiding voor opdrachtgevers van kunst in de openbare ruimte (Guidebook for commissioners of art in the public space, AFK; Dutch only) of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. This guidebook provides insight into the various stages of a project, from initiation to realization. Each stage of the process is discussed separately and accompanied by a practical checklist. Initiatives that want to be considered for co-financing can submit an application for a grant to the AFK via this link

The collaboration of the AFK and the Stadscuratorium will result in a more comprehensive approach to art in the public space and optimizes and safeguards the coherence of advice given to the city of Amsterdam.

Advice request


You can submit a request for advice throughout the year. The Stadscuratorium meets once a month.


You can submit a request by filling in the form below and e-mailing it to our secretary Tanja Karreman via


If you need more information, please consult our FAQ. For questions about the advisory procedure or the submission of advice, please contact:

Sparring partner

In addition to a request for advice, you can also request a consultation.
Please find a description of the expertise of the members here.


You can also contact Stadscuratorium Amsterdam for, among other things, debates, lectures, judging and the formulation of commissions.

Form advice request


What services does Stadscuratorium render?

Stadscuratorium Amsterdam is open to questions about, among other things:

  • Art in the public space in spatial plans
  • New projects as well as existing works of art in the public space
  • Social initiatives in the field of art in the public space
  • Art commissioning and the selection of artists
  • Exploring new forms of commissioning, artistic expression, financing and conservation
  • Organizing stakeholder alliances (commissioners, residents, entrepreneurs, urban designers, managers and financiers) to gain support for new art projects
  • Accepting or refusing donations
  • Making the collection of art in the public space more visible
  • The inventory and appreciation of existing works of art in the city

What requirements does a request for advice have to meet?

Please use the form to describe the project as comprehensively as possible, to indicate which stage the initiative or project is at and in which area you need advice. This will allow members that have relevant expertise to focus on the application.

Where can I apply for a grant for an art project in the public space?

Initiatives that want to qualify for co-financing can apply to the AFK. The Stadscuratorium prefers to be consulted in the initiative stage for preliminary advice.


Coming soon: examples of advice issued by Stadscuratorium Amsterdam.