Stadscuratorium provides expertise on a wide range of issues. From project developer, official or mediator to artist or local resident: the Stadscuratorium is open to a wide variety of questions concerning art in the public space. Through its advice, the Stadscuratorium encourages the exploration of new forms of art and the commissioning of projects in the public space. It is also possible to consult the Stadscuratorium in the initiative stage or about the formulation of commissions for art projects in the public space.

Pendulum, Gijs Assmann
Gijs Assmann, Pendulum (2020)

Initiators can consult the Handleiding voor opdrachtgevers van kunst in de openbare ruimte (Guidebook for commissioners of art in the public space, AFK; Dutch only) of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. This guidebook provides insight into the various stages of a project, from initiation to realization. Each stage of the process is discussed separately and accompanied by a practical checklist. Initiatives that want to be considered for co-financing can submit an application for a grant to the AFK via this link

The collaboration of the AFK and the Stadscuratorium will result in a more comprehensive approach to art in the public space and optimizes and safeguards the coherence of advice given to the city of Amsterdam.

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You can submit a request for advice throughout the year. The Stadscuratorium meets once a month.


You can submit a request by filling in the form below and e-mailing it to our secretary Tanja Karreman via


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In addition to a request for advice, you can also request a consultation.
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You can also contact Stadscuratorium Amsterdam for, among other things, debates, lectures, judging and the formulation of commissions.

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What services does Stadscuratorium render?

Stadscuratorium Amsterdam is open to questions about, among other things:

  • Art in the public space in spatial plans
  • New projects as well as existing works of art in the public space
  • Social initiatives in the field of art in the public space
  • Art commissioning and the selection of artists
  • Exploring new forms of commissioning, artistic expression, financing and conservation
  • Organizing stakeholder alliances (commissioners, residents, entrepreneurs, urban designers, managers and financiers) to gain support for new art projects
  • Accepting or refusing donations
  • Making the collection of art in the public space more visible
  • The inventory and appreciation of existing works of art in the city

What requirements does a request for advice have to meet?

Please use the form to describe the project as comprehensively as possible, to indicate which stage the initiative or project is at and in which area you need advice. This will allow members that have relevant expertise to focus on the application.

Where can I apply for a grant for an art project in the public space?

Initiatives that want to qualify for co-financing can apply to the AFK. The Stadscuratorium prefers to be consulted in the initiative stage for preliminary advice.


Coming soon: examples of advice issued by Stadscuratorium Amsterdam.

  • Wall painting ‘De Brouwers’

    The blind wall at Hoogte Kadijk 150 is, according to the applicant, Woonstichting Lieven de Key, regularly vandalised with graffiti. Residents have approached the foundation to prevent further

  • Stadszinnen Spoorpark

    Straatzinnen (“Street sentences”) is a light art project for and by the neighbourhood. These Straatzinnen are used to create a connection within the community. An artist has already

  • Argus beeld

    On Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, a bronze statue of the journalistic comic character Argus will be placed. The initiative to install the Argus statue aims to honor the rich journalistic

  • Statue van Sweelinck 

    This advisory request came from the Oude Kerk regarding the statue of Sweelinck. The advisory request questions the process by which statues like this are chosen and why

  • Additional advice: street art van Judith De Leeuw - Judith De Leeuw

    Het Stadscuratorium provided a positive recommendation to Stadsdeel Centrum in July 2019 regarding a project by street art artist Judith De Leeuw. This is additional advice, now that

  • Spinoza Sokkels

    This project is an initiative by the Humanistisch Verbond in celebration of their 75th anniversary. The proposal involves placing 10 Spinoza pedestals at various locations in Amsterdam. These

  • Pop Up Sokkel

    There is a proposal to install a pedestal on Dam Square for temporary artworks. An advisory committee provides advice to the municipality on content and promotes the work

  • Opgelet! Kunstwerk! Opgelet! - Martijn Sandberg

    Het Stadscuratorium positively recommends the design of a pedestrian bridge by artist Martijn Sandberg. The project will be located on the Boelegracht at Zuidas. With ‘Opgelet! Kunstwerk! Opgelet!,’

  • Ship of Fools/All Aboard - Hans van Bentem

    Clients Port of Amsterdam and Gemeente Amsterdam invest in a ‘landmark’ for Sloterdijk Centrum. Artwork “Ship of Fools/All Aboard” by Hans van Bentem transforms a fishing boat into

  • Morgenster

    In a rather unconventional manner, the artwork ‘Morgenster’ has disappeared. The artwork, including the concrete foundation, was hoisted out of the ground. The municipality and the artist were

  • De Morgenster - Arjen Lancel

    Artist Arjen Lancel approached the stadscuratorium because the artwork ‘De Morgenster’ is set to be relocated without consultation. The artwork originally served as a guide for the Stadsdeelwerf

  • Leefbaarheid en veiligheid in Maarsenhof

    Several locations in Zuidoost suffer from poor lighting during the night. The municipality aims to improve this situation through applied light art. Local artists, preferably from Holendrecht, are

  • Schakels

    The artwork ‘Schakels’ by Evert van Lopik is undergoing a refurbishment and will be relocated to a better position on the renovated schoolyard of De Schakel Primary School.

  • Kunstproject Czaar Peterstraat

    Stadsdeel Centrum and Stadsdeel Oost want to install new artworks in the railway underpass of Czaar Peterstraat. Three selected artists are tasked with creating designs. However, existing side

  • Monument Kinderverzet

    The Foundation Monument for Child Resistance and Friendship Then & Now aims to inspire young people to stand up for each other. Artist Merijn Bolink has been commissioned


    This advice concerns the ceramic sculpture REMBO, which has been in Rembrandtpark since 2005. It was intended to be a resilient artwork; as an integral part of the

  • Muurgedichten

    SCA provided advice on the potential artistic implementation of placing three poems by Abdelkader Benali on walls in Nieuw West. Benali, a (new) resident of the neighborhood, increasingly

  • Theo Niekus gedenkteken

    After the passing of city photographer Theo Niekus in 2019, a request for advice was made to install a memorial on Damrak in Amsterdam. SCA advises caution and

  • Surround Sound

    he ‘Plein ’40-’45’ square is temporarily painted with the artwork ‘Surround Sound’ by artist KENOR in collaboration with the neighborhood. The project is an initiative by various parties

  • OBS De Poolster

    What to do with a mural located in an old school that is slated for demolition? In this recommendation, SCA explores several options to give Ans Wortel’s mural

  • Stadscuratorium Amsterdam logo


    The question from Stadsdeel West to SCA about whether the steel structures with hardstone in the Gerrie Knetemanlaan can be considered as art raises interesting questions about the

  • Stadscuratorium Amsterdam logo

    Chapon Bajeskwartier - Chapon

    Request to SCA to approve the intended new location for a glass-in-metal wall by artist Chapon. The idea is to bring it back to the Bijlmerbajes. Chapon originally

  • Giotto Haarlemmerplein - Jan Theun van Rees

    The photo series ‘Giotto on Haarlemmerplein’ is the result of a photo series placed by Jan Theun van Rees on the construction fence of Haarlemmerplein. He captured various

  • Molen De Otter

    The project proposal ‘Molen de Otter Living Canvas Initiative’ by Ampersand International has the subtitle ‘Public Art for the Neighbourhood.’ It is a collaboration with the Amsterdam Street

  • Kennisoverdracht - Frans van der Burgt

    Het kunstwerk ‘Kennisoverdracht’ van Frans van der Burgt in het Beatrixpark moet verplaatst worden vanwege bouwwerkzaamheden. Zuidas vraagt het Stadscuratorium om advies over twee mogelijke nieuwe locaties. Het

  • Memorial Jewish orphanage

    SCA has been presented with a question regarding the potential replacement of one of the stones of the memorial commemorating the Jewish boys’ orphanage Megadlé Jethomim, due to

  • De Hullenberg - Leonard van munster

    In this advice, the context of a temporary artwork and the related permit are considered. SCA is positive about the temporary artwork ‘Hullenberg / Falling water meets camper’

  • Underpass A10 Rembrandtpark

    The Rembrandt Park is being redesigned, and within that, a proposal for art has also been made.

  • 43 Childeren - Henri Lucas

    This advice concerns the artwork ’43 Children,’ consisting of 44 screen-printed plates forming a grid on a brick wall in the courtyard of the school at Mauritskade 58.

  • Giant pink glasses - Daniella Rubinovitz

    The artwork ‘Giant Pink Glasses’ are 4-meter-tall ‘pink glasses’ made of powder-coated steel. The work has been highly appreciated by those involved and those who live in the

  • Armenian Bible

    In 1666, the first Armenian Bible was printed in Amsterdam after numerous failed attempts elsewhere in Europe. Therefore, the Armenian community and the Armenian Apostolic Church Surp Hoki

  • Lichtkunstwerk Lee Millerbrug

    The Lee Miller Bridge is part of a family of bridges in IJburg. The bridge serves as an exceptional main entrance to Strandeiland and the more distant Buiteneiland,

  • Amelia sculpture - Chris Schraven

    This concerns the relocation of a sculpture originally created for a location near the Marnixbad after its renovation. The reinstallation of sculptures that were originally connected to the

  • The Grand

    The Prince Willem the First Memorial Foundation has initiated the placement of a bronze relief of Prince Willem the First on the side wall of the Prince’s House

  • Hartjesboom Waterlooplein - Peter Doeswijk

    For a new artwork at the Waterlooplein, SCA has been consulted for advice. It concerns a new version of an artwork that was previously located here. However, SCA

  • Streetart Museum - Streetart Frankey

    In this advice, possibilities are explored to make the railway underpass at Onder de bogen ‘safe, fresh, clean, and fitting for the neighborhood’ through the use of art.

  • Solid Flow IJburg - Jos Klarenbeek en Aliki van der Kruijs

    The artwork ‘Solid Flow IJburg’ explores various types of sand, from IJsselmeer sand to Sahara

  • Relocation Rumour - Dirk van Lieshout

    Since 2013, the artwork ‘Rumour’ by Dirk van Lieshout has been owned by the municipality of Amsterdam. It consists of 6 manhole covers with sound effects about rebellion

  • Mural Lies Maes - Lies Maes

    Lies Maes created the bronze facade object on Ingelandenweg in 1967. SCA is pleased that Housing Corporation Ymere intends to relocate this mural due to renovation, and that

  • Raket Laika

    The ‘Laika Rocket’ is an Amsterdam “transformatorzuil”, also known as a “peperbus”, painted to resemble a rocket, located in Reinwardtstraat. The Laika Rocket is getting a second life

  • afbeelding uit adviesaanvraag

    Overhoeks - Kiki van Eijk

    “Ebbels” by Kiki van Eijk is a design for the courtyard of a social housing complex in the Overhoeks neighborhood, commissioned by Ymere. The design includes pebble-shaped seating

  • Houthavens

    Designer Tjep has created four hexagonal towers made of stainless steel, named the Air Cells, as ventilation openings for the Spaarndammertunnel in Park Houthaven. Although the artwork was

  • The gable ends of Reimerswaal - Gino Bud Hoiting

    In this renovation project of residential blocks in Amsterdam-West, artist Gino Bud Hoiting has enlivened the entrances with drawn lines on glass, inspired by seven themes such as

  • Mural Venserpolder - Benjamin Benkarad, Sander Sweet

    Eigen Haard and the municipality of Amsterdam have jointly initiated a mural for the courtyard in Venserpolder, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, to bring more color and cheerfulness to the neighborhood.

  • Art renovation Descartesbuurt - Floor Rieder

    Due to a renovation in the Descartesbuurt, some letters on the gables of houses cannot be preserved. Ymere has asked artist Floor Riedel to create a design inspired

  • Waterspook - Martie van der Loo

    The water ghost, known as Bullebak, refers to a long-standing myth that circulated in Amsterdam. According to the legend, Bullebak would lurk between the bridge at Bloemgracht and

  • Mobilis

    On behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam, Mobilis is constructing an underground parking garage beneath the Singelgracht. As part of the tender, art and participation are integrated into

  • Stadscuratorium Amsterdam logo

    Art in the Nes - Street Art Frankey

    In this advice, the proposal is to permanently hang three 3D plastic rockets on the cabling on the Nes. The project is by the artist Streetart Frankey. However,

  • Painting Naardermeerstraat - Céline Maat

    This application concerns the creation of murals on a row of garage units on Naardermeerstraat. The artist proposed for this mural is Céline Maat. She creates works in

  • Stadscuratorium Amsterdam logo

    STOER - : Bilal Chahal

    This advice concerns an outdoor artwork in an urban setting, consisting of various letters that together form the word “STOER” (meaning “TOUGH” in Dutch). The artwork’s motivation is to address prejudices around gender and sexual identity, particularly in response to aggression towards the LGBTQI+ community.

    Het stadscuratorium recommends further deepening the concept through research and discussions with residents and stakeholders. The design of the artwork should be more precisely elaborated, including typography and the placement of the letters, taking into consideration its relationship to the surroundings.

  • afbeelding uit adviesaanvraag


    The Stadvinderij Foundation aims to utilize rooftops for art, community activities, and questioning gentrification. The project, called Dis/Connect, involves organizing an exhibition at multiple locations in Amsterdam Zuid

  • Walls of West

    In recent years, district West has been increasingly approached by residents, artists, and housing corporations with the request to facilitate murals. The aim is to create a collection

  • Stadscuratorium Amsterdam logo

    serial work James Beckett – Cruquiuseiland - James Beckett

    Het Stadscuratorium gave a positive recommendation in 2020 regarding the plan for a serial artwork and remained involved in the further process, represented by Radna Rumping. After a

  • Under Heaven 02 - Leonard van Munster

    In this advice, SCA delves deeper into what the temporality of a public artwork actually means. Temporality is the signature of artist Leonard van Munster. He creates artworks

  • Steigerpark IJburg

    Stadsdeel Oost is seeking advice on an art proposal for Steigerpark IJburg. The proposal consists of four individual objects that together form the artwork. SCA finds the concept,

  • Auke de Vries in de Kostverlorenvaart - Auke de Vries

    SCA advises restoring and retaining Auke de Vries’s artwork in the Kostverlorenvaart. The removal of an artwork should always be carefully considered, and SCA therefore recommends that Auke

  • Two Figures - Hildo Krop

    In this request, SCA explores how two neglected sculptures by Hildo Krop can be given a new life in the garden of Museum De Dageraad, the new location

  • Artwork Auke Vries - Auke vries

    At Kostverlorenvaart, there is an artwork by Auke de Vries; it consists of nine hanging objects made of steel and plastic. The suspension is in poor condition and

  • Sint Catharina

    Should monuments and iconic buildings remain the same forever, or can new artworks be added to them? Het stadscuratorium believes that monuments can also undergo changes, provided that

  • Sluishuis

    Het stadscuratorium was asked to consider artworks for the new Sluishuis on Steigereiland, IJburg. They support the decision to pose an open question and give artists the freedom

  • Garage Kempering

    The district of Zuidoost wants to place one of the concrete columns from the demolished Kempering garage in the K-buurt. The column will be able to preserve the

  • Home made energy

    New encounters between art and the public, that is the goal of the Welcome Stranger Foundation. For this specific project, the facade of a private residence is utilized

  • ‘Tis Mooi West

    The districts of Oud-West and Nieuw-West want to install an artwork at the GVB station Van Galenstraat. The station serves as a sort of border between the two

  • Staatsieportret Van der Laan

    This advice concerns the idea of placing a portrait of Eberhard Van der Laan in the Kadijnen. The portrait would be framed with a classical ornament that was

  • Spinozasokkels

    The Humanistisch Verbond submitted a request for an artwork that has already been extensively conceptualized by the client. Therefore, SCA advises taking a step back and consulting the