Gedenk te overstromen

Collectief Walden

It is estimated that in 250 years, on its 1000th anniversary, Amsterdam will be flooded due to the climate crisis. Collective Walden presented a monument under construction at the last edition of theater festival Over het IJ. A monument to the future; it commemorates the flood that will one time occur. The artwork was presented in the Tolhuistuin, a location fraught in this context: it previously housed the canteen of oil giant Shell. The sculpture is accompanied by an audio tour with music and poetry, about pasts and possible futures. The artwork is part of a larger project by the collective about the climate disaster, on which the stadscuratorium gave a positive advice.

Collective Walden is a group of thinkers and makers, consisting of a philosopher, a biologist, a dramaturg and a scenographer, who deal with the urgency of the ecological crisis. With poetry, lecture performances, music and images in the landscape, they explore how to deal with major changes.