It started with a dime

Marjet Wessels Boer

The Dubbeltjespanden (Double Houses) on the Mauritskade: it tells the history of a building and its inhabitants. The buildings are named after the weekly dime that the members of the Building society for the acquisition of owner-occupied houses (BVEW) paid to be members. The goal: affordable housing.

Artist Marjet Wessels Boer delved into the history of these properties and collected personal and historical stories about the Dubbeltjespanden and translated them into aluminum silhouettes. It is a colorful collection, from airplane to elephant. The silhouettes sketch a history of a special place in the city. A history that is not yet at an end: the artist left a number of sections open for a reason – waiting for stories from the future.

This artwork is part of the series of Sunday Sculptures that Stadscuratorium Amsterdam posts on Instagram every Sunday.