Two female figures

Elisabet Stienstra

Two golden-haired women, dreamy gazes at the roof of the former Winger School. Like angel guardians, they sit on the roof, each above their own door, legs dangling, one hand resting on a knee, another supporting a head. The torso is missing, but the artist did give them two round breasts – the rests is for one’s own imagination.

Elisabet Stienstra is known for works of art in which women are central. She is inspired by the Catholic medieval visual culture in which Mary worship plays an important role in her work.

The sculptures initially met with a great deal of resistance from the neighborhood; the residents preferred a pleasant fountain. But after many comments during the public hearing, the mood changed and the sculptures are now an integral part of the neighborhood.

This artwork is part of the series of Sunday Sculptures that Stadscuratorium Amsterdam posts on Instagram every Sunday.