Het straatongeluk (The street accident)

Lex Horn

Meinke Horn has been involved with Stadscuratorium Amsterdam since the founding in 2019. She energetically devoted herself to monumental wall art in the city. On May 12, she passed away.

One of the projects she was committed to was the preservation of three large artworks by Lex Horn, which he created and placed in a laboratory building in 1965. These are sgraffitos: a fresco technique in which a drawing is scratched into fresh concrete spill and colored in, creating a mural with a subtle relief. The building that housed the laboratory, the Jan Swammerdam Institute in West, was demolished, but the three walls, all measuring 2.5 by 6.5 meters, were preserved. One of the works was placed in the Academic Medical Center; the other two ended up in storage. Meinke Horn, the artist’s daughter, made many attempts to find a new location, but this proved difficult due to the size and weight. After a long search, they found their new home in the new bicycle parking at Central Station. The work was unveiled early this year.

Image: Lex Horn Stichting

This artwork is part of the Sunday Sculptures series that Stadscuratorium Amsterdam posts every Sunday on Instagram.