Ramses Shaffy

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In late August, the mural commemorating Ramses Shaffy on the wall of the Dr. Sarphatihuis on Nieuwe Kerkstraat was restored to its former glory by the anonymous artist who had originally painted the ode. The stadscuratorium and the Ramses Shaffy Fonds voor Jonge Kunstenaars sought out the artist who had anonymously painted the mural to restore the piece, which was very damaged. Over the years, residents and neighbors had become attached to the sculpture with Shaffy’s credo (Live!) next to it. After sharing a call, the artist came forward. The wall was cleaned and then the artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, reinstalled the painting.

Ramses Shaffy spent his final years at the Dr. Sarphatihuis. The restored artwork, originally installed shortly after his death in 2009, was unveiled by mayor Femke Halsema on August 29, the day Ramses would have turned 90.

With the restoration and the addition of a plaque and protective layer, a painting placed clandestinely at the time, has become an Amsterdam commonplace. To the editor of the Parool, the artist announced, ‘It’s about Ramses, not about me. Let me do my own thing.’

Image: Parool/Mariet Dingemans